The problems

Leasing Companies Issues in the Target Markets in the Digitalization Era

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Low Digitalization level

  • Business operations partially covered by software – lot of manual work
  • Very low automatization
  • No digital onboarding and servicing solutions for clients
  • No client 360 overview

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Limited offer for suitable IT solutions

  • Very expensive solutions from big companies unwilling to make customizations
  • Affordable solutions are few and are based on monolithic old technology systems

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Use of legacy monolith systems built on old technology:

  • Not cloud ready
  • Vertical scalability
  • Difficult to add new features
  • Difficult to make changes
  • Low quality support & maintenance
  • Solutions built on proprietary frameworks


Our solution to solve the existing issues

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Microservices based architecture

  • Incremental implementation of our applications in the client’s current environment
  • Our applications can be integrated with other third-party applications fulfilling the missingbusiness functionality
  • Separation of concern
  • Reduced time to market
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Incremental updates with reduced impact

IT Services Consultancy

Modern technologies with robust ecosystems

  • With big communities behind them (e.g. Angular developed, tested and used by Google)
  • Comprehensively documented
  • Generally used for building enterprise applications
  • Our solutions are cloud ready

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Customization availability

  • Embraced the Agile principle.
  • Revolutionizing customer engagement through continuous digital innovation and user experience research
  • Support the ever-changing functionalities
  • Build as a standard core but customizes according the client needs

IT Services Consultancy


  • Lower cost of adoption
  • Agile development leads to fewer feedback cycles and less major refactoring resulting in cost optimization

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