What we do

We develop enterprise software for leading companies in the financial sector and act as a partner in their digitalization journey.

We deliver products that create value and help grow the business while focusing on serving the final clients.

We help mitigate the risks and difficulty of working with multiple software suppliers. Our full suite of products will assist your company with:

  • Management of current company processes
  • Integration of existing third-party solutions and modules
  • Implementation of new modules and functions based on business needs

Currently, we work with lease companies from Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland, Austria and we look to expand our projects and partnerships internationally.

Who we are

The company was founded in June 2019 by Radu Cirstea, Razvan Pruteanu, and Bogdan Niculescu, after having worked together on several projects.

The founders are now running specific areas in the company while coordinating on major directions related to the growth of the company, product development, and client partnerships.

Radu Cirstea

Radu Cirstea


In charge of Strategy, Sales, Business Analysis, Administration

  • 18 years working in Financial Services
  • 7 years software implementation in Financial Services (2 as a Client, 5 as a Supplier)
  • 3 years working for a banking group holding in Frankfurt am Main as Product Owner

Razvan Pruteanu

Razvan Pruteanu


In charge of Security Audit, Implementation, Support

  • 5 years of experience as an SQL developer and database architect in implementing ERP solutions for financial services and various other industries
  • Developing Enterprise Backend-Services
  • Certified Internal Security Auditor

Bogdan Niculescu

Bogdan Niculescu


In charge of R&D, Product Development, PM

  • 6 years experience as a software engineer leading the development of IT applications for enterprise client like The World Bank, Ernst & Young, ING, UNICEF, and young startups such as Medicai
  • Software architect & full-stack engineer

Andrei Pitits

Andrei Pitis

CEO Simple Capital, Business Advisor
  • Investor and advisor for tech product startups and companies with high growth and interested in expanding on the global market
  • Founder & CEO Vector Watch
  • VP Product Fitbit

Vision, mission, and values

Vision: We support the redesign of business models and market strategies for established companies in the financial industry, through the best available technology.

Mission: We aim to digitalize leading financial services companies throughout Europe.

Our core values

Partnership | Trust | Excellence

Our commitment is to act both as a part of our client’s team and as a trusted advisor to deliver the best tech solutions for the success of their business.

Why Digital Intelligence Partners?

Digitalization in individual client-centric industries such as fintech is a journey that needs to align business models, processes, tactics, and strategies for customer retention and acquisition with the smart and effective use of technology.
DPI Software product suite models technology on your most specific business requirements and supports a strategic digital approach, based on a long-term partnership for growth.

Let’s talk solutions

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